Cody Jinks’ Loud And Heavy Fest Is Outlaw Alternative to Status Quo

Photo Credit: Jason Kempin, Getty

Cody Jinks started to let loose as his inaugural Loud and Heavy Fest wound down in Fort Worth, Texas, on Saturday night. With his hometown skyline for a backdrop, the 38-year-old country singer wanted his fans to join in on a song that may as well be his anthem, “Cast No Stones.”

“Alright, your turn!” Jinks shouted, his steady, barrel-aged baritone breaking into a gruff, untamed shout as he pointed to the crowd with both arms. “Come on.” His stone-faced demeanor, obscured by his long, bushy beard and black sunglasses, evaporated as though a code had been cracked. Soon Jinks was prowling the stage back and forth, urging his fans on as they sang the welcome-all-comers credo back to him in full-throated fashion.

Read more about the 1st annual Loud and Heavy Fest here.

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