Kenny Chesney Announces New Single, “Here and Now”

Kenny Chesney Announces New Single, “Here and Now”

Kenny Chesney will return to country radio on Feb. 21 with the release of his new single, “Here and Now.”

The new tune, which was penned by Craig Wiseman, David Garcia and David Lee Murphy, follows Kenny’s recent Top 10 single, “Tip of My Tongue.”

“This song kind of blew my mind,” says Kenny. “The chorus is everything I feel about my time onstage with No Shoes Nation . . . the rush of it absolutely being the best place, best moment in the entire world. There’s no rush like it.

“But what really got me was the way the song puts everybody on notice. It says everything about how we all put off living our lives because there’s so much other stuff to do. Only thing is, that’s exactly how you miss everything that matters! It’s not the big stuff that gets you laughing or breaks the bad momentum, it’s what’s right here if you’ll bother to dial in and really feel it.”

“Here and Now” features live-in-the-moment lyrics: “Lotta people dreaming ’bout one day, someday / Waiting just around the bend / I used to be one / Wondering when they’d come, but now I’m living in . . .”

“Here and Now” is expected to be featured on Kenny’s upcoming album, which is slated to drop this spring.

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