Garth Brooks Shares That He Was Writing Songs with Ashley McBryde

Garth Brooks Shares That He Was Writing Songs with Ashley McBryde

After having an extended time between his Inside Studio G sessions, Garth Brooks returned Monday night.

The last time he met with fans for his Monday Night Conversation on Facebook Live was February 8th – Garth returned from an extended holiday break ready to get back in the swing of things, but after that one show, that’s when COVID entered the picture.

First we learned that a member of Garth’s crew had a positive test, and then word came that his wife, Trisha Yearwood also had a positive test result for the virus.

But now Garth’s back!

Although regular viewers of the Facebook Live show quickly noticed that Garth wasn’t in his usual setting.

He started by thanking fans for sending all their well wishes, and updating them on Trisha’s health, “She walked right through it…She looks fantastic.” 

Then Garth fessed why he wasn’t in his regular Studio G studio — turns out that his day job ran a little late…so he had to stay in the studio where he writes and records music.

Garth had a song writing session with two people, and as he described, “We started writing, and we started writing this morning. But it was one of those sessions that you’re writing with 2 people that love country music. So, before you ever start writing, you’re kind of knocking songs back from Keith Whitley, all the way over to Tammy Wynette, all the way over to Vern Gosdin, just back and forth, and it was a lot of fun.”

Asked if he could share who the 2 co-writers for the day were, Garth at first hesitated…but then he caved.

Garth shared, “Tell, ya, today was an amazing day. I got to write – she’s going to kill me – I got to write with Ashley McBryde today, which…I’ve never got to. So that was pretty friggin’ cool. And Mitch Rossell. And the truth is…Mitch will back me up on this…me and Mitch just kind of sat and watched her. She just tore it up!”

While he wouldn’t share many more specifics, Garth did offer this up for the fans watching the Facebook Live session, “I can tell you exactly what we wrote! Something country.”

A Garth-Ashley song is exactly what 2021 needs!

Check out this episode of Garth Brooks’ Studio G right here…but you can always catch them on his Facebook page, Live Monday Nights at 6 PM (CT), or the replay in Garth’s Facebook video section.

Garth Headline Photo Courtesy of Green Room PR

Ashley Headline Photo Credit: Daniel Meigs

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