Happy Mother’s Day to All the Moms Out There

Happy Mother’s Day to All the Moms Out There

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there!

Here’s some well wishes & messages from some of your favorite country artists…

Miranda Lambert

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the mamas out there!”

Photo Courtesy of Miranda Lambert

Chris Young

“Happy Mother’s Day mom! Love you and I’m so grateful for all the time you put into raising me and my little sister! (She’s gonna kill me because she was in the pool before this photo)”

Photo Courtesy of Chris Young

Sara Evans

“I’m so grateful that I was able to raise my kids on the road! Happy Mother’s Day to all the hard working mamas out there!”

Photo Courtesy of Sara Evans


Ryan Hurd & Maren Morris

“Happy Mother’s Day! Don’t know why I snapped this little gem but I’m happy I did. Hayes is lucky to have such an amazing mom, we love you Maren Morris!”

Photo Courtesy of Ryan Hurd

Tim McGraw

“Happy Mother’s Day to all the remarkable mothers in my life
And to all the mothers out there who have worked so hard to hold their families together over these crazy times we have been going through
You guys are our rock
Love y’all”

Photo Courtesy of Tim McGraw

Trisha Yearwood

“Happy Mother’s Day to all creatures great and small! xo”

Photo Courtesy of Trisha Yearwood

Kenny Chesney

“Happy Mother’s Day!”

Photo Courtesy of Kenny Chesney

Loretta Lynn

“She was the best. Really, the best. She taught me everything that really matters. She was tiny but strong. She had a beautiful smile and a contagious laugh. She was easy to be around. She gave the best advice–always the best; to me and to everyone else. The entire Holler came to see her for advice. She always knew what to say. As a girl, I always thought she was the smartest woman I knew. Now, all these years later I know I was right about that. She was life smart and heart smart. She taught me to sing and to cook. She never acted like it was a big deal when I made it in country music. She just said, “I knew you would once you started trying.” She believed in me. Daddy never got to see me sing on a stage, but Mommy got to see so much of it. What I wouldn’t do for one hour with her!
When I had my own kids I realized how much she really did love us all. Becoming a mom changed me forever. I can’t lie, sometimes it was hard and I was all the time tired but my heart was full. I’ve tried to love my 6 like my Mommy loved us. It never changes–no matter how old they get. I still smile when they come in the door. I still hope it’s them when the phone rings. They’re the ones that count the most in my book. Now they’ve become my friends–my best friends and I mean that. My kids are my best friends.
All you mommas out there don’t be too hard on yourselves. You’re still woman enough. You got this. Everybody else, love those mommas, hug ’em and spoil ’em. I love and miss my Mommy with all my heart and I love being a Mom more than anything else in the world. Happy Mother’s Day.”

Photos Courtesy of Loretta Lynn

Jay DeMarcus

“Happy Mother’s Day to all of the the strong, beautiful, powerful, smart, influential, patient, loving, nurturing, AMAZING women today!!
Just when I though I could not love Allison DeMarcus more, we had our sweet babies-and there were so MANY other sides of her I began to see, so many more reasons, and different ways to love her. We celebrate you today baby!!
It goes without saying, I ended up with BEST Momma in the world. She loves, ALL OF THE WAY. I know that there have been many long nights worth of prayers, have absolutely saved me sometimes. I am forever grateful”

Photos Courtesy of Jay DeMarcus

Tanya Tucker

“Mothers are very special. There’d be no life without them, no love, no me, no you, and I wouldn’t have my amazing kids. On this Mother’s Day if you still have your momma around, let her know that you love her… and how important she is in your life. I’d give anything if my mother was still here. Then I’d get another chance to treat her like the queen she really was and always will be. Happy Mother’s Day to all you strong hard working Momma’s.
Love, T”

Photo Courtesy of Tanya Tucker & Derrek Kupish

Granger Smith

“She had no idea when I took this that it would be her last picture without an engagement ring. I got down on one knee outside the restaurant soon after. We immediately began planning our life together, but everything for her revolved around her dream of one day (God willing) becoming a mother. Of all the things she wanted to do, that one purpose for her life stood above the rest: motherhood.
What a beautiful fulfillment! Now she’s an incredible gift for our 4 children. Happy Mother’s Day Amber Smith!”

Photo Courtesy of Granger Smith

Reba McEntire

“Mama had four kids in five years. She played with us, disciplined us and loved us. She was my best friend. Miss you mama.”

Photo Courtesy of Reba McEntire

Tyler Farr

“Happy first Mother’s Day to my one and only”
Photo Courtesy of Tyler Farr

Jordan Davis

“You’re an amazing Momma and you make it look effortless, Happy Mothers Day K…Me and Eloise Love ya a lot”
Photo Courtesy of Jordan Davis

Ian Munsick

“Happy Mother’s Day to the 2 best Ma’s to ever do it “
Photo Courtesy of Ian Munsick

Scotty McCreery

“Happy Mothers Day, Mom! Thanks for all you’ve done and all you continue to do for our family. Love you!”

Photo Courtesy of Scotty McCreery

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